What is the purpose of BenLotus?


It is highly likely you already know what BenLotus means, but what may not be obvious to you is the purpose of this website. Battle Realms is an old game (yeah, we all know that). Battle Realms player who plays Battle Realms online used to connect via Gamespy before 2008. After that, most players migrated to Gameranger as a solution to blocking and firewall issues. Long after that, Gamespy shut down its server in 2014. Gamespy is now just a memory of what’s good about Battle Realms in the past. Fortunately, Gameranger will not be shutting down anytime soon in the near future. To make Gameranger even better for Battle Realms player, this website is hoping to help them to connect with other players who may not know Gameranger existed for Battle Realms.

Some features of this site:

The first thing you probably notice about this website is that we have a list of Gameranger ID and the names of the player behind it. There are a lot of ways to make use of this list. Some people use it to give the idea of who they are playing against because people like to change their name on Gameranger under the same ID. Also, people who have lost their accounts and want to add their friends again in their new account can also make use of the list.

There is a player’s profile section. In here, I will write about players in my perspective. Such as how good they are or what they must improve to be better. I hope everyone will enjoy reading it as much I love writing it.

There is a Battle Realms video section. Not all videos will be about Ben. There will be videos about any players who asked me to record their gameplay. You can ask me to record a game for you anytime you see me online and free. Because of this website, I’m willing to do this for you just to have more content for this site.

There is a Battle Realms Stats section. Unlike the Battle Realms video section, this section will only be about Ben against someone else in a 1v1 game. Your wins will be posted if you asked to be rated before the game and only if you can beat Ben fairly. By fairly, I mean the game actually ends and not ending in a crash or synchronize error. Ben will allow certain type of bugs, but expect Ben to copy you. The only bug that Ben won’t allow is the townsquare rice/water cheat. If you do this, however, the game will just end in synchronize error and that won’t be count as a fair ending and your stat won’t be posted. This section exists because some players enjoy killing Ben. This will help them to be more proud. Note that if you asked to be rated and that you lost the game, your lose will also be posted.

There is a download section. Download the game if you lost the copy of Battle Realms. We never want to lose a player because you lost a copy of Battle Realms. I assumed you have already purchased the game legitimately before visiting this site. However, the game you are downloading is not really the full version. I called it The Thief version because there will be a lot of things missing, but it is not noticeable if you only decided to use it to play exclusively on Gameranger. Credits to the bandit who steals parts of the game.

That’s all folks, enjoy using this website and using it to connect to other players you know. Share them this website so they can get back to playing Battle Realms.

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  1. Hey Ben I cant find the Lifetimestream members section. How do I find it I am a paid member.


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